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Before covid, we lived in a different planet. We would  travel with good travel deals, deal with backaches of running across airports with baggage and pushing to get upgrades and window seats. Now the world is changing, we have a 20-day travel preparation cycle, 3 days prior PCR, clearance to fly certificate, flights without food or drinks, sitting uncomfortably with mask and finally arriving into a first-class prison (14 days of quarantine). 

There are still many reasons people are travelling, and travel agents are making a big impact on the journey due to their extensive effort and understanding of the daily changing rules. We have realized that there are 5 key areas of travel during these new times. Starting with Repatriation to Work Migration, the global economy is also expanding again with recruitment and businesses need to get to suppliers and customers to empower and ensure the economy is moving in the right direction. Student and medical travel is picking up too.

With Repatriation, we have seen many countries organize special fares and flights for a citizen, and even where the country remains closed to foreign travel, citizens are welcome back. Singapore did this until recently when they re-opened their borders in a bubble with other countries. When looking for and working towards getting repatriated, it’s very important to be registered with the respective consulate and ensure that your documentation is in order. Travel agents are also helping by routing people through other countries and ensuring safe passage home. Traveller global has helped multiple Singaporeans fly back through Malaysia or Dubai based on the requirements.

So many jobs roles are changing and businesses are restructuring to define the post-Covid era. Travel is also modernizing with that, travel to migrate to and from work countries is a big portion of travel today. Travel agents are helping to ensure visa processing, PCR testing and end to end paperwork is managed during this time. It is a surprise that programs like Malaysia my 2nd home and other international migration programs are running effectively and recently traveller global helped some residents migrate to the UK for work. From organizing travel to ensuring all the medical and statutory requirements were fulfilled.

Business travel is one of the largest hit areas, everyone is doing e-meetings and continuing business to their best ability. Unfortunately, there are so many cases that have come up where suppliers have been able to perform and new opportunities are emerging. It is very critical for businessmen to be able to validate their investments and relationships in person. This category of travel is just opening back up and there is a similar process to navigate the travel, except the need to meet the revised business criteria of each country. For that, we have been spending time with so many consulates to understand the volume and verifications needed for us to assist our customers to travel. As traveller global and so many other travel agents in this post covid world, the change is one that requires a personal touch to be added.

Student travel has come to a complete stop, universities are petitioning governments to allow travel as this is one of the largest economic drives. It’s critical to ensure that this segment gets serviced well. Travel for this segment is usually littered with a lot of emotion for families, now it’s more dispersed with the need to ensure safety and reconfirm so many other non-essential steps like transfers between the airport and final locations. The different quarantine requirements are also driving up confusion, but a travel agent can help to sort out this information, align it with the requirements and remove the hassle of travelling.

Medical and vacation travel will require their own post, and with daily changes on the policies, the best way to be informed is to ask a team of professionals. You know you are in good hands if you receive a checklist with all the covid measures that are in place the minute to confirm your travel. 

Travel is back to a personalized very high care industry, choose your agent carefully.

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